For The Love Of Us

It is the season for political gatherings and what not again, summits and rallies come up every other day now. Political watchdogs are on the prowl to call out sneaky moves of opposing parties. Too many allegations and counter-allegations are flying around as also much canvassing is done to get more party members.
It is that period again when Nigerian youths are tricked and endless promises are made to make us give up our votes to people who do not even care about us. They only need the youths because of the huge demographics and possession of power to put them where they are eyeing.
Since 1999 when democracy was re-introduced to Nigeria, we have failed ourselves several times, we have allowed the love for ourselves take the back seat while allowing our country rot away in the hands of greedy men and women. For so long, we have become mere numbers to them, a game of who will “capture” more of them with his use of words and convincing theatrics. these people turn us against ourselves and pull the ethnic/region/religion cards on us as they wish. We bash and fight each other while they smile to foreign countries to lodge their loot.
For the love of us, let’s open our hearts and minds. Let’s make things right,embrace our togetherness and number and put an end to this.

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